Custom Made Flags


Let friend or foe know what you’re all about from a distance.  Flags have been performing that service for as long as thread has been put to needle and needle put to fabric. 


Overwhelmed in battle by the Estonians In 1219, Danish King Valdemar’s forces were close to capitulating when suddenly the skies opened and down floated from heaven a red flag with a white cross.  Grasping the flag before it could reach the ground King Valdemar rallied his troops.  Spurred on by this sign from heaven the Danes carried the day.  The red flag with the white cross remains the official flag of Denmark. 


Chuck Butler makes flags one at a time with hand-finished details in our Brooklyn, Ny studio.  Flags are made to customer’s needs and specifications.  Currently we do not offer sky-opening, heaven-floating delivery.   However, we do offer free shipping by reputable courier.


For Custom Flag orders and inquires write: